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how to learn fortinet fast?

1. Read the Manuals and Documentation: Most networking vendors, including Fortinet, provide comprehensive manuals and other documents that can help you understand how their products work. You can find these manuals and documents on their website or by searching online. 2. Explore Online Resources: There are many online resources dedicated to Fortinet products and services. Consider joining an online forum or discussion group devoted to Fortinet networking topics. Here, you can seek out advice from experienced users and learn from their experiences. 3. Take an Online Course: Several websites offer online courses related to Fortinet products and services. Most of these courses combine lectures and tutorials to help you get familiar with the product in a structured and efficient manner. 4. Seek out Live Training: Certified Fortinet instructors often offer live classroom training sessions where you can learn the basics and more advanced topics. These sessions are usually conducted in person, but some may also be available online. 5. Practice and Experiment: The best way to learn any technology is to use it. Invest some time in practice to get comfortable with the product. Set up a lab environment or a virtual environment where you can safely experiment with the product and learn by doing.

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