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how to fix wi-fi connection vontar x4?

1. Check if the WiFi module on your Vontar X4 device is enabled. In some cases, this can be disabled due to a power surge or accidental shutdown. If the WiFi module has been disabled, you can try to re-enable it in the device's settings. 2. Check to make sure your Vontar X4 device is connected to the correct network. If it’s not, try connecting to a different network. 3. Reset your router. This can help to clear any stored data which may be interfering with the WiFi connection process. 4. Restore the factory settings on the Vontar X4. This can help to resolve any software-related issues which might be preventing a successful connection. 5. Check your Vontar X4 device's firmware and update it if necessary. This can help to ensure optimal performance when connecting to the WiFi network. 6. Contact your ISP or modem manufacturer for further assistance. They may be able to help diagnose the issue and provide further advice.

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