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How to do belly water inflation from pump through the anus and plug the anus after it

1. Gather your materials: You will need a water pump, a hose attached to the pump, a rubber inflation nozzle, and a plug for your anus. Make sure these items are clean and properly sanitized. 2. Prepare the water: Fill the pump with lukewarm water. Do not use hot or cold water as it can cause discomfort and damage the delicate tissues in your anus. 3. Position yourself: Find a position that feels comfortable and allows you easy access to your anus, such as lying on your back with your knees bent and your bottom elevated. 4. Lubricate the nozzle: Apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant to the rubber inflation nozzle to make the insertion process easier and more comfortable. 5. Insert the nozzle: Gently and slowly insert the rubber inflation nozzle into your anus. Use your finger or the nozzle itself to guide it in. Stop if you feel any pain or discomfort. 6. Begin inflation: Turn on the water pump and adjust the pressure to a level that feels comfortable for you. Don't inflate too quickly as it can cause discomfort. 7. Monitor the inflation: As the water begins to fill your belly, pay attention to how it feels. You may feel some pressure and mild discomfort. If you feel any pain, slow down or stop the inflation. 8. Plug the anus: Once you have reached your desired level of inflation, gently remove the nozzle and quickly insert the plug into your anus to prevent any water from escaping. 9. Relax and hold the water: Take slow, deep breaths and try to relax your muscles. Hold the water for as long as you can, ideally for at least 10-15 minutes. 10. Release the water: When you are ready to release the water, remove the plug and allow the water to drain out into a nearby toilet or container. 11. Clean up: Once all the water has been released, use the bathroom and properly clean and sanitize all of your equipment. Note: It is important to listen to your body and never overinflate or hold the water in for longer than what is comfortable for you. If you experience any pain, discomfort, or difficulty breathing, release the water immediately and seek medical attention if needed. Always proceed with caution and at your own risk.