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How might I keep a solid eating routine while on a limited financial plan?

1. Take advantage of discounts on fresh produce at local farmer’s markets or grocery stores. 2. Invest in long-lasting and nutrient-dense pantry staples, such as brown rice, lentils, dried beans, and oatmeal. 3. Buy frozen fruits and vegetables, as these are often more affordable and contain as many nutrients as their fresh counterparts. 4. Look for discounted, canned items like tuna and beans and opt for generic brands over their more expensive counterparts. 5. Try to buy food in bulk, which can often be cheaper in the long run. 6. Take advantage of in-season produce, when it’s most plentiful and usually cheaper. 7. Seek out meals which are filling and nutritious, such as whole grains with a lean protein and vegetables. 8. Skip the processed foods and instead focus on whole ingredients. 9. Consider a meal-prep style of eating, which will save you in the long run because you are planning for meals ahead of time. 10. Look for a community kitchen or food bank which might offer meal help to those in need of assistance.

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