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How might a suffragist refute the specific arguments against women’s suffrage?

Argument #1: Women should not be involved in politics because they are too emotional to make sound decisions. Suffragists would refute this argument by pointing to the long history of women's involvement in the political realm, such as their roles in religious and social movements. They would point out that women have a range of experiences that make them well qualified to make decisions in this arena, and that such decisions are often made with boldness, emotion and passion. Argument #2: Allowing women to vote would weaken the political system. Suffragists would refute this by noting that throughout history, countries with significant numbers of female voters have not seen any decrease in the strength of their political systems. They would point to evidence of women’s involvement in the political process as a positive force of change and suggest that allowing women to participate fully in the political process would only make the system stronger. They would also highlight that political institutions are seen to benefit more from increasing the diversity of perspectives and voices among their members.