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how find girls twerk

1. Check social media: Look for popular hashtags such as #twerking or #twerkqueen to find videos or live streams of girls twerking. 2. Attend dance classes or workshops: Many dance studios and gyms offer classes specifically focused on twerking. This is a great way to learn the basics and meet other girls who enjoy twerking. 3. Go to parties or clubs: Twerking is often incorporated into club and party culture, so attending these events can be a great way to find girls who know how to twerk. 4. Watch music videos: Twerking has become a popular dance move in music videos, so watching videos by artists like Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and Beyoncé can help you find girls who are skilled at twerking. 5. Find online communities: There are many online communities and forums dedicated to twerking and dance. Join these groups and connect with other girls who enjoy twerking. 6. Join a twerking dance team: Some dance groups specialize in twerking and regularly perform or compete at events. Joining one of these teams can be a great way to meet other girls who love twerking. 7. Ask friends: Don't be shy to ask your friends if they know any girls who are skilled at twerking. They may be able to connect you with someone or even teach you themselves.