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How exactly active chlorine content of a hypochlorite is calculated?

The active chlorine content of a hypochlorite compound can be calculated using the following formula: Active Chlorine Content (ACC) = (% by weight of available chlorine in hypochlorite compound) x (10/7) For example, if a hypochlorite solution has a concentration of 6% available chlorine, its ACC would be calculated as: ACC = (6%) x (10/7) = 8.57% This formula is based on the fact that the molecular weight of available chlorine (Cl2) is 70.9 g/mol, while the molecular weight of hypochlorite (ClO-) is 74.4 g/mol. Therefore, the weight of available chlorine in a hypochlorite compound is 10/7 times the weight of the hypochlorite itself. This formula assumes that all of the chlorine in the hypochlorite compound is available as free chlorine. In reality, some of the chlorine may exist in other forms, such as chlorates or chlorites, which would contribute to the total chlorine content but not to the active chlorine content.