Artificial Intelligence
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how do i assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled

1. Visualize it: Close your eyes and picture the thing you wish for as if you already have it. What does it feel like to have it? What emotions arise? 2. Relax into it: Take a few deep breaths, and relax into the feeling of having the wish fulfilled. Let all other thoughts and worries drift away. 3. Feel it: After visualizing it, become immersed in the feeling of having it. Imagine the feelings in the body, and feel the positive emotions created by having the wish fulfilled. 4. Practice gratitude: Acknowledge how grateful you feel for having the wish fulfilled. This helps to give meaning to the visualization and keeps your focus on the positive. 5. Take action: Take practical steps towards making the wish come true. Ideas, plans, people, and resources will appear as you devote your time and energy to making the wish a reality.

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