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How difficult is it to convert a rimmed cartridge like 7.62*54R into a normal rimless cartridge? Is it worth the effort? What are the pros and cons of this process?

Converting a rimmed cartridge, such as the 7.62*54R, to a rimless cartridge is a complex and difficult task. It is possible to do so, but it requires customizing a great deal of components in order to do so such as creating a new chamber, barrel, and magazine, as well as properly adjusting the headspace. Because of the complexity and specialized knowledge and tools required, it would be expensive to have a gunsmith do the requisite work—likely more than refurbishing/replacing your existing gun. Additionally, you wouldn’t be able to use existing parts with the gun, such as magazines or ammo. The pros of this process would be that you would end up with a unique firearm that can shoot the more common rimless cartridges, giving you more options when it comes to ammunition. The con would be the cost and difficulty of the conversion process, as well as having to purchase new parts and not being able to use standard parts/ammunition.

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