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hello my friends

San Francisco post Bored with posting updates on January 1st or 2nd each year, I'm going to provide a little entertainment. This will be followed by apost.My notable locations: February 2015 Sausalito; San Francisco, Mission District; San Francisco, of course; San Francisco to San Jose ; June 2015, Alameda BART; June 2015, Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh; October 2015, Walnut Creek. But I always seem to be holding a camera. I don't have my poking finger out here - I'm pointing at a prize rope!The wind is pervasive, I'm wrapped up like an Egyptian mummy. Sausalito is a gorgeous town - an arty, historic and gloriously located taco spot. It's 2 miles from where I stayed and it's generally accessible by pleasant transit then stroll or rent-a-ride (on 2 wheels) . Update (2024-06-29): QUOT EL AGS Hi, glad to see you! How are you today?