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he history of the creation of the newspaper Blagoveshchensk diocesan vedomosti

The Blagoveshchensk Diocesan Vedomosti (BVV) is a newspaper that was born out of the need to develop a systematic source of news about the mission of the Russian Orthodox Church in the region of Buryat-Mongolia. Pre-existing church-related magazines were not very successful in providing regional news, so the initiative to create the BVV was taken by Archbishop Mark (Kovshov) of Blagoveshchensk – Ussuriisk in 1899. The first issue of the BVV was published on December 24, 1899 under the editorship of Fr. Vitaly Zhelieznov. It was printed on a regular basis until 1922, when it ceased due to the rise of Communism. Initially, the paper was devoted to providing news about church activities in the region. However, as the years went by, the scope of the publication expanded to cover more general topics such as education and social issues. The BVV was revived in 1989 under the editorship of Fr. Andrei Revov, who was soon replaced by Fr. Nicholas Shimontsev. The paper provides a major source of information about the activities of the Church in the region. It covers topics such as church life, parish activities, and charitable works. The paper also offers advice and reflections on spiritual topics and news about the region and its cultural heritage. In addition, the paper is used to inform people about the latest liturgical and doctrinal developments within the Church. The paper, which is still in publication today, is an invaluable resource for those interested in learning more about the history and practices of the Russian Orthodox Church in the region. Its role in promoting awareness and knowledge of the presence of the Church within this region is immeasurable.

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