Artificial Intelligence
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Give me weird/strange ways to stop yawning.

1. Wear a paper bag over your head 2. Stick your tongue out and wiggle it 3. Stand on your head 4. Recite the alphabet backwards 5. Rub your belly while patting your head 6. Spin around in circles 7. Squeeze your nose closed with your fingers and try to breathe 8. Count backwards from 100 in multiples of 7 9. Repeat the words "yawn" and "sleep" in a high-pitched voice 10. Drink a glass of water upside down 11. Think of the word "sleep" spelled backwards 12. Do a somersault 13. Sing your favorite song backwards 14. Try to touch your nose with your tongue 15. Imagine you are trying to suck a lemon through a straw 16. Stand on one leg and hop around 17. Imagine yourself in a cold, snowy environment 18. Hum a song while clapping your hands 19. Pretend to be a fish out of water 20. Open and close your eyes rapidly for 10 seconds.