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Give me weird/strange ways to finish and understand subjects like english, french if their exams are very soon

1. Practice speaking and writing in reverse: Start with the last letter or word and work your way backwards to complete a sentence or paragraph. This will challenge your language skills in a unique way and make you think creatively. 2. Use only emojis to convey ideas: Instead of writing or speaking, try using a combination of emojis to express your understanding of a subject. This will force you to find alternative ways to communicate and test your knowledge. 3. Play a game of charades: Have a friend or family member give you a subject or topic, and then act it out without using any words. This will help you understand how to convey ideas without relying on language. 4. Create a collage: Cut out pictures, words, and phrases from magazines or newspapers that relate to the subject. Then, use them to create a visual representation of your understanding. 5. Write a poem or rap: Challenge yourself to summarize the subject in a creative and rhyming way. This will make the information stick in your mind and help you remember it for the exam. 6. Conduct an interview: Pretend to be a reporter and interview yourself or someone else about the subject. This will help you think critically and ask relevant questions to deepen your understanding. 7. Take a walk while studying: Sometimes a change of scenery can help with understanding. Take a walk while reviewing your notes or textbook, and try to connect the subject to the environment around you. 8. Write a short story: Use the subject as inspiration for a short story. This will help you make connections and see the topic in a different context. 9. Use different accents: Read or speak about the subject in different accents or voices. This will make the material more engaging and help you remember it better. 10. Create a mind map: Draw out a visual representation of the subject, with ideas branching off of one another. This will help you see the connections and relationships between different concepts.