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Give me a 3 card tarot reading for a married woman and her 40s that's interested in another man she has 3 children and there's not feel guilty

Cards: 1. Three of Cups: This card indicates that the married woman is feeling like she's missing something in her relationship with her husband, though she values the connection between the two of them. It suggests that the new man represents a potential for new levels of connection and joy that she's never experienced before. 2. The Empress: This card indicates that the woman is being intuitive and creative about her situation. She has a strong impulse to feel fulfilled and content with her life, though the needs of her three children and her commitment to her husband can be an obstacle. It suggests that this is an opportunity for her to find a way to reconcile her needs with her responsibilities. 3. The Chariot: This card suggests that this woman can have success if she can put her own ideas and plans into action. She must take control of the situation and make changes that will suit her and her family. It emphasizes that she can have both the life she's striving for, and still make sure that the ones she loves are taken care of.

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