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give me 500 question about cricket with 4 options

1. Who won the 2019 Cricket World Cup? a. India b. England c. Pakistan d. Sri Lanka 2. What is the maximum number of deliveries that a bowler can bowl in a Twenty20 cricket match? a. 10 b. 15 c. 20 d. unlimited 3. In a test match, a team must declare their innings in a minimum of how many overs? a. 20 b. 30 c. 40 d. 50 4. How many runs are needed to complete a run chase in a limited-overs cricket match? a. 150 b. 200 c. 250 d. 300 5. Who is the captain of the Indian cricket team in all three formats? a. Rohit Sharma b. Virat Kohli c. M.S. Dhoni d. Jasprit Bumrah 6. In One-Day International (ODI) cricket, what is the minimum number of overs a bowler can bowl? a. 3 b. 4 c. 5 d. 6 7. What is the most Test matches an individual can captain in International cricket? a. 25 b. 50 c. 75 d. 100 8. How long is a Test match? a. 2 days b. 3 days c. 4 days d. 5 days 9. Who holds the record for most runs scored in a Test cricket? a. Sachin Tendulkar b. Brian Lara c. Steve Smith d. Rahul Dravid 10. What is the maximum number of players allowed in a Test match squad? a. 15 b. 16 c. 17 d. 18

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