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Give 6 exampsl each of treatment which District Hospital,Health Center And Community-based Health Planning and Services offer in Ghana

District Hospital: 1. Emergency care for trauma and critical illnesses 2. Inpatient services such as surgery, obstetrics, and internal medicine 3. Diagnostic services including laboratory tests and imaging scans 4. Chronic disease management for conditions like diabetes and hypertension 5. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation for patients recovering from injuries or surgeries 6. Mental health services including counseling and medication management. Health Center: 1. Primary healthcare services including routine check-ups and vaccinations 2. Family planning services and maternal/child health care 3. Management of common acute illnesses such as respiratory infections and diarrhea 4. Health education and promotion, including HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness 5. Basic laboratory tests and screenings for common diseases 6. Nutrition counseling and support for malnourished individuals. Community-based Health Planning and Services: 1. Maternal and child health care through regular home visits and community education 2. Provision of basic health services through community health workers, such as first-aid and wound care 3. Family planning counseling and distribution of contraceptives 4. Health education and promotion in local communities, such as hand washing and sanitation practices 5. Community-based surveillance and reporting of disease outbreaks 6. Mobile clinics and outreach services for remote or underserved areas. Update (2024-07-04): 1. District Hospital: a. Emergency care and stabilization for patients with acute conditions b. Inpatient and outpatient treatment for various diseases and injuries c. Diagnostic services such as X-rays, CT scans, and laboratory tests d. Surgical procedures including minor and major surgeries e. Rehabilitation services for patients recovering from injuries or surgeries f. Mental health services including counseling and medication management 2. Health Center: a. Primary healthcare services for preventive and basic medical care b. Immunization and vaccination programs for children and adults c. Maternal and child health services including prenatal care and deliveries d. Family planning services and contraceptives distribution e. Treatment for common illnesses such as respiratory infections and diarrhea f. Health education and promotion on topics such as hygiene and nutrition 3. Community-based Health Planning and Services: a. Community health education and awareness programs b. Outreach immunization programs in rural and remote areas c. Distribution of essential medications and supplies for common illnesses d. Diagnosis and treatment of minor injuries and illnesses e. Referral and coordination of care for more complex medical needs f. Home-based care for patients with chronic conditions or limited mobility.