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Give 2 goals and 3 objectives each to the project drilling of borehole

Goals: 1. Ensure access to safe and reliable water supply for the community 2. Meet the water demand of the community Objectives: 1. Install borehole equipment to provide a continuous water supply for the community 2. Ensure proper maintenance and regular testing of the borehole to ensure safe drinking water 3. Train and educate community members on proper use and maintenance of the borehole to ensure sustainability of the project. 1. Increase overall water availability in the community 2. Improve the distribution and accessibility of water resources in the community Objectives: 1. Conduct a feasibility study to determine the most effective location to drill the borehole 2. Implement a water management system to regulate the distribution of water from the borehole 3. Monitor water usage and implement conservation strategies to ensure long-term sustainability of the project.