Artificial Intelligence
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give 14 principles of management

1. Division of Work: Work should be divided among individuals and groups according to their capabilities. 2. Authority and Responsibility: Every individual and group should be given proper authority along with the responsibility to perform their activities efficiently. 3. Discipline: Employees should be disciplined and should abide by the rules and regulations of the organization. 4. Unity of Command: Employees should receive orders from only one superior and should be accountable to him. 5. Unity of Direction: There should be unity of direction to achieve a common objective. 6. Subordination of Individual Interest to General Interest: Personal interests of employees should be subordinated to the general interests of the organization. 7. Remuneration: Employees should be rewarded adequately for the work they perform. 8. Centralization: The decision-making power should be centralized to the extent that is necessary. 9. Scalar Chain: A clear chain of authority should be established in such a way that the information flows from top level to lower level and from lower level to higher level as well. 10.Order: Proper order should be maintained in the organization to ensure smooth functioning. 11. Equity: Managements should treat all employees fairly and equally. 12. Stability of Tenure: Employees should have job security and stability to motivate them. 13. Initiatives: Employees should be encouraged to take initiatives and display their creativity. 14. Esprit de Corps: Organization team spirit should be developed and maintained as it provides motivation to all employees.

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