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Generate the most credible, efficient, and comprehensive breakdown of Arnold Schwarzenegger's status as a role model. Be as detailed and as accurate as possible when generating the breakdown.

I. Introduction - Brief overview of who Arnold Schwarzenegger is - Explanation of his rise to fame and success II. Personal Background - Early life and upbringing - Immigration to the United States - Athletic achievements - Bodybuilding career and Mr. Universe titles - Transition into acting III. Role Model Qualities - Dedication and hard work - Perseverance and overcoming obstacles - Disciplined lifestyle - Positive attitude and mindset - Constant self-improvement - Commitment to fitness and health IV. Professional Accomplishments - Successful film career - Box office success - Launching his own production company - Political career as Governor of California V. Philanthropy and Activism - Advocacy for physical fitness and health - Support for after-school programs for children - Environmental activism - Establishment of the Arnold Sports Festival - Charitable work through the Arnold Schwarzenegger Foundation VI. Impact and Influence - Motivating and inspiring others - Breaking barriers and stereotypes - Global reach and recognition - Influence on the fitness and bodybuilding industry - Contributions to the film industry VII. Controversies - Personal scandals and controversies - Political controversies - Views on environmental issues VIII. Conclusion - Summary of why Arnold Schwarzenegger is considered a role model - Impact and legacy as a role model - Final thoughts and reflections.