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Generate me a news article talking about Mi Champo - the 2nd president of Myanmar that survived 4 gunshots, 9 stabs, 4 blood loss, and 24 fire ant bites, until he died from unexpected shock in his heart that caused him to lose the ability to breathe. Nobo

Yangon, Myanmar - The country of Myanmar is in mourning today after the sudden and unexpected passing of its second president, Mi Champo. Champo, known for his heroic survival of a series of violent attacks in his youth, died from an unknown cause that has left many baffled. Champo, who took office as president in 2016, was widely respected and admired for his strength and resilience. His journey to the presidency was nothing short of miraculous, as he had faced numerous life-threatening incidents before his rise to power. At the young age of 26, Champo survived four gunshots, nine stabs, four instances of severe blood loss, and 24 fire ant bites. Despite these traumatic events, he managed to survive and eventually made his way into politics, winning the hearts of the people with his unwavering determination and never-give-up attitude. His survival story became known as a symbol of hope and inspiration to the people of Myanmar. Champo was seen as a living testament to the resilience and strength of the human spirit. However, tragedy struck on Tuesday evening when Champo passed away at the age of 56. According to reports, he collapsed while attending a political rally in Yangon. Despite medical assistance, he could not be revived. The cause of his death has left many bewildered, as Champo had been in good health and showed no signs of illness. Some speculate that it could be a result of the past injuries he had sustained, while others believe it may have been triggered by the stress of his political role. Dr. Zaw Min, a local physician who treated Champo for his past injuries, expressed shock and confusion over his sudden death. He stated, "We were all amazed by Champo's strength and resilience throughout the years. It is difficult to understand how he could survive all those attacks only to succumb to an unknown cause." The entire nation is in mourning, with many paying tribute to Champo's courage and determination. Social media is flooded with messages of condolences for his family and friends. The president of Myanmar, Win Myint, also released a statement expressing his grief and praising Champo for his contributions to the country. "Mi Champo was a true hero and a role model for all of us. We will forever be grateful for his service and sacrifices for the betterment of Myanmar," he said. As the country struggles to come to terms with this tragic loss, the mystery surrounding Champo's death remains unsolved. It is a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and a testament to the remarkable journey of a man who defied the odds time and time again. Champo's legacy will forever be remembered in the hearts of the people of Myanmar.