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What is a Cookie Exchange? A cookie exchange is an event where attendees each bring a designated quantity of their own homemade cookies to trade with other participants. During the exchange, the participants traditionally enjoy food and drinks while they mingle and chat. At the end of the event, everyone goes home with a selection of new, homemade cookies to try. The idea of a cookie exchange dates back to the 19th century, when farmers and their wives helped each other out by trading recipes and baked goods. The concept has since evolved to become a popular holiday-season tradition for family and friends. It’s an enjoyable pastime that allows everyone to sample new cookies and flavors, all while catching up with one another. Attending a cookie exchange is simple. The host or organizer of the event will designate a predetermined quantity (often one dozen) that each attendee should bake in advance. This helps to ensure that all participants end up coming away with an even mix of assorted cookies. Everyone brings their homemade treats to the exchange event, where they arrange the cookies on a presentation tray or plate for others to see. At the event, the participants take turns tasting each other’s cookies, while the host or organizer explains the ingredients and baking process of each treat. After everyone has appropriately indulged, the exchange begins. The exchange works in much the same way as a carnival grab-bag, with each participant selecting a variety of cookies from the other attendees. Everyone goes home with an assorted bounty of treats, all of which they can proudly say were homemade. Despite the fact that all of the cookies are made from scratch, the exchange doesn’t have to be a tedious affair. The host or organizer may offer a few helpful tips such as printing out pre-made gift tags so that the cookies can be labelled with the ingredients and baking instructions. It’s also possible to hold a cookie exchange virtually, via video conferencing programs such as Zoom or Skype. This allows participants to join the event from the comfort of their own homes while still providing a chance to mingle and sample an array of homemade goodies. No matter how it’s structured, a cookie exchange enables participants to share the joy and rewards of baking with one another. It’s a chance to make exciting new recipes, ease the stress of holiday baking, and enjoy a pleasurable moment with family and friends.

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