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fortigate ips

FortiGate IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) is a security feature of Fortinet's Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) that protects your network against exploits, malware, and other cyber threats by inspecting network traffic and blocking suspicious or malicious activity. The FortiGate IPS uses a combination of signature-based detection, behavior-based detection, and anomaly detection to identify and prevent potential attacks in real-time. It continuously updates its database of known threats using Fortinet's global threat intelligence network, ensuring that your network always stays protected against the latest threats. Some key features of FortiGate IPS include: 1. Advanced Threat Protection: FortiGate IPS uses advanced techniques to detect and block zero-day attacks and unknown threats, keeping your network secure against emerging threats. 2. Multi-Layered Protection: It combines signature-based detection with behavioral and anomaly-based detection to provide multiple layers of protection against network attacks. 3. Simplified Management: FortiGate IPS integrates with FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer to provide a central management platform for configuring, monitoring, and reporting on IPS events across multiple devices. 4. High Performance: FortiGate IPS is designed to provide high performance and scalability even in the most demanding network environments. 5. Customizable Policies: It allows you to create and apply customized IPS policies to different network segments, giving you greater control over what types of traffic are allowed on your network. Overall, FortiGate IPS is an essential tool for network security, providing continuous threat protection and helping organizations meet compliance standards and regulatory requirements.