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Find people's experiences with having symptoms of an enlarged prostate, specifically not emptying the bladder, weak stream, and slow to start urinating but with no issues of the prostate to be found.

1. "For years, I struggled with the symptoms of an enlarged prostate without ever being diagnosed with an actual problem. I would often have trouble fully emptying my bladder and had a weak urine stream, but all of my prostate exams and tests came back normal. It wasn't until I saw a different doctor that I was finally diagnosed with a condition called bladder neck obstruction, which can mimic the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. I underwent a simple surgery to fix the issue and my symptoms went away immediately." - John, 58 2. "I've been dealing with the frustrating symptoms of an enlarged prostate for the past few years. It's always been a mystery to me because my doctors have never found anything wrong with my prostate during exams or tests. I experience a slow start to urination and often have a weak stream, making it difficult to fully empty my bladder. It's been a struggle, but I've learned to manage the symptoms through lifestyle changes and medication." - Michael, 65 3. "I started noticing symptoms of an enlarged prostate in my early 50s. I had trouble starting to urinate and would often have to go multiple times within a short period because I couldn't completely empty my bladder. I was worried it was prostate cancer, but all of my tests and exams came back normal. It wasn't until I did some research and saw a urologist that I learned I had a condition called prostatitis, which can cause the same symptoms as an enlarged prostate. With proper treatment and lifestyle changes, I've been able to manage my symptoms effectively." - David, 58 4. "I thought for sure I had an enlarged prostate when I started experiencing difficulty urinating. It would take me a while to even start and then the stream would be weak and stop and start. I went to multiple doctors and had various tests done, but they all came back normal. It wasn't until I saw a specialist that I was diagnosed with overactive bladder, which can cause these kinds of symptoms. With medication and pelvic floor exercises, I've been able to improve my symptoms drastically." - Sarah, 63