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find me way to cum faster

1. Experiment with different methods: Explore different techniques, positions, and sensations to see what helps you reach climax faster. Some people find that direct clitoral stimulation, using a vibrator, or trying different angles during penetration can help them orgasm more quickly. 2. Focus on your pleasure: Instead of trying to rush to orgasm, focus on the sensations you are feeling and enjoy the moment. This can help you relax and let go of any expectations or pressure you may be putting on yourself to cum faster. 3. Incorporate foreplay: Spending more time on foreplay can increase arousal and make it easier to orgasm. Try incorporating more oral sex, kissing, and other forms of sensual touch into your sexual routine. 4. Use mental stimulation: Letting your mind wander and fantasizing can help increase arousal and make it easier to reach orgasm. You can also try watching or reading erotic material to stimulate your imagination. 5. Try edging: Edging is the practice of bringing yourself close to orgasm and then backing off before repeating the process. This can help build anticipation and lead to a more intense orgasm when you finally do climax. 6. Communicate with your partner: Make sure to communicate with your partner and let them know what feels good and what doesn't. This can help them better understand how to pleasure you and help you reach orgasm faster. 7. Masturbate beforehand: If you know you will be having sex, try masturbating beforehand to reduce your arousal level. This can help you last longer during sex and make it easier to reach orgasm when you want to. 8. Consider using sex toys: Sex toys can be a great way to add extra stimulation and help you reach orgasm faster. There are a variety of toys designed to help you reach climax quickly, such as clitoral vibrators or G-spot stimulators. 9. Relax and let go of expectations: Sometimes, the pressure we put on ourselves to orgasm quickly can actually make it more difficult. Try to let go of any expectations or performance anxieties and just enjoy the moment. 10. Consult a doctor: If you consistently have difficulty orgasming or ejaculating quickly, it may be worth talking to a doctor to rule out any underlying medical conditions. They may also be able to provide more personalized advice and solutions.