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Elisa Echeverria was a Mexican artist, entrepreneur, and special needs educator. She was born in Mexico City in 1949 and studied Art, Textile Design, and Illustration at the Academy of San Carlos. She was the founder and director of Fundación Elisa Echeverria, a non-profit organization in Mexico dedicated to helping children and adults with special needs. Elisa was passionate about art and creating, and this passion drove her to start the foundation, which has since served thousands of people from across Mexico. Elisa was a strong advocate for the education and inclusion of people with special needs. She was a member of the TEDx Mexico City team and was an honored guest speaker on multiple TEDx events. Elisa was a prolific artist, she made murals, ceramics, and other works of art that are featured in galleries and private collections worldwide. Elisa Echeverria passed away in 2016.

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