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explain the hypochlorite purification procedure after electrolysis of saline?

Hypochlorite purification is a process that involves the production and separation of sodium hypochlorite from the electrolysis of saline solution. This is commonly used in the production of household bleach and has several steps involved. 1. Electrolysis: The first step in hypochlorite purification is the electrolysis of saline solution using a specialized electrolytic cell. The cell contains an anode and a cathode, immersed in the saline solution. A direct current is passed through the cell, causing the formation of chlorine gas at the anode and sodium hydroxide at the cathode. 2. Chlorine gas production: The chlorine gas produced at the anode is then collected and channeled to a storage tank. This gas is highly toxic and must be handled with caution. 3. Sodium hydroxide formation: At the same time, the sodium hydroxide produced at the cathode combines with the remaining saline solution to form sodium hypochlorite. This reaction also produces hydrogen gas, which is vented off. 4. Separation: The mixture of sodium hypochlorite and saline solution is then transferred to a separate tank where it is allowed to settle. The heavy sodium hypochlorite settles at the bottom while the lighter saline solution floats on top. 5. Filtration: Once the mixture has completely separated, the top layer of saline solution is removed through filtration. This leaves behind a concentrated solution of sodium hypochlorite. 6. Dilution: The concentrated sodium hypochlorite solution is then diluted with water to achieve the desired strength of household bleach. 7. Quality control: To ensure the purity and effectiveness of the sodium hypochlorite solution, it is often tested and monitored for pH levels, presence of impurities, and strength. 8. Packaging and distribution: The final step in the hypochlorite purification process is the packaging and distribution of the bleach to consumers. This can be in the form of liquid bleach or solid bleach tablets. Overall, the hypochlorite purification process after electrolysis of saline involves multiple steps to ensure the safe and efficient production of sodium hypochlorite for everyday use.