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Explain how America’s place in the world changed with the conclusion of the Spanish-American War.

The Spanish-American War marked a turning point in history for the United States as it transformed from a regional power to a global empire. It also marked America’s emergence as a major player on the world stage. With the conclusion of the war, the US emerged victorious and acquired control of several overseas territories in the Caribbean, Pacific, and the Philippines. This allowed the US to become a much larger and more influential nation, as it was suddenly able to project its military and economic power across the world. The Spanish-American War also marked the beginning of US imperialism, as the US sought to further expand its influence beyond its territorial boundaries. The war also led to an increased focus on international affairs, as the US assumed a greater role in world affairs and sought to become a major power-broker in the region. In the decades following the Spanish-American War, the US emerged as a major participant in both world politics and the global economy. Update (2023-11-15): The conclusion of the Spanish-American War at the end of 1898 marked an important shift for America's place in the world. The United States had successfully ousted a declining Spain from the Western Hemisphere, firmly cementing its dominance in the area. This led to the US gaining control of a wide swath of territories in the Pacific and Caribbean, creating a sturdy empire in the region. America’s burgeoning role as a world power was cemented as it began to flex its imperial muscle through conducting interventions in Cuba, Panama, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The United States also became the leader in mediating differences among the Western Hemisphere nations, effectively establishing itself as the hegemony in the region. Not only had America proved its ability to achieve military success, but soon it was developing an economic presence in the world. The US had proven to be a viable contender in the emerging global market, and soon American goods began to dominate worldwide production and trade. This expansion of influence further entrenched America’s position as a major political player on the international stage.

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