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Evgenia Vrechenko rape

2018 The incident involving Russian model Evgenia Vrechenko occurred in January 2018 while she was traveling to Paris for a photoshoot. Vrechenko says she was contacted by a photographer who offered to pay for her flight and accommodations in Paris for a photoshoot with a well-known brand. Upon her arrival in Paris, Vrechenko was met by the photographer and his two assistants. She says they took her to an apartment where the photoshoot was supposed to take place, but once inside, the photographer and his assistants allegedly forced her to drink alcohol and then sexually assaulted her. Vrechenko says she was able to escape the apartment and went to a nearby police station to report the incident. The police conducted an investigation and arrested the photographer and his two assistants, who have been charged with rape. Vrechenko's story gained international attention and sparked discussions about safety and exploitation in the modeling industry. Many models shared their own experiences of being taken advantage of by photographers and clients in the industry. The case against the photographer and his assistants is ongoing, and Vrechenko continues to advocate for justice and change in the modeling industry. She hopes that her story will raise awareness and prevent similar incidents from happening to other models in the future.