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evaluation question to provide 3 physically challenged pupils with wheel chairs to facilitate easy access to education under the criteria 'relevance

, efficiency and effectiveness 1. Relevance: How does providing wheelchairs to physically challenged pupils contribute to improving their access to education? 2. Efficiency: How was the process of procuring and distributing the wheelchairs carried out? Were there any challenges or delays? 3. Effectiveness: Has the provision of wheelchairs resulted in significant improvements in the accessibility of education for the targeted pupils? Have there been any positive changes in their academic performance or attendance? 4. Relevance: How has the provision of wheelchairs addressed the specific needs and challenges faced by the identified physically challenged pupils? 5. Efficiency: Were the selected wheelchairs suitable for the pupils' individual physical conditions? Has there been any need for adjustments or replacements? 6. Effectiveness: Have the pupils and their families expressed satisfaction with the provision of wheelchairs and its impact on their education? 7. Relevance: How does the provision of wheelchairs align with the overall goals and objectives of the education system in promoting inclusive and equal access to education? 8. Efficiency: What were the total costs associated with procuring and distributing the wheelchairs? Were there any cost-saving measures implemented? 9. Effectiveness: Have there been any challenges or barriers that still hinder the pupils' access to education, despite the provision of wheelchairs? How can these challenges be addressed? 10. Relevance: How has the provision of wheelchairs positively impacted the pupils' overall well-being and quality of life? 11. Efficiency: How were the pupils and their families involved in the decision-making process of selecting and distributing the wheelchairs? 12. Effectiveness: Can the success of this initiative be replicated or scaled up to reach more physically challenged pupils in the future?