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' as Filipino-Australian or Filipino and Australian. Being Filipino-Australian means having Filipino heritage or ancestry while also identifying as Australian culturally and/or citizenship-wise. As for the treatment and attitudes towards Filipino-Australians, it can vary greatly depending on the individual's personal experiences and the community they live in. Generally, Filipinos are seen as friendly and hardworking, and many Filipino-Australians have positive experiences and are well-integrated into Australian society. However, like with any immigrant community, there can also be instances of discrimination or prejudice. Some Filipino-Australians may face stereotypes or microaggressions based on their ethnicity, such as assumptions about their education or job prospects. There have also been cases of discrimination in areas like employment, housing, and education. Overall, Filipino-Australians contribute to the diversity and cultural richness of Australia and are valued members of the community. It is important to promote inclusion and understanding towards all cultures and ethnicities.