Artificial Intelligence
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Elle Godman

– Kaipara Alexis Osborne – Matamata Libby Bibby - Little River Update (2024-07-01): Good programming is also about reliability - not just about proper code execution, but also features such as error handling, logging, and handling of unexpected scenarios. Good programming should also consider scalability and performance, so that the program can handle a large amount of data or users without slowing down or crashing. In addition, good programming involves clear and organized code that is easily understandable for other programmers. This includes following coding conventions and commenting code to explain its purpose and functionality. Good programming also involves testing and debugging the code to identify and fix any errors or bugs. This ensures that the program behaves as intended and improves the overall quality of the code. Collaboration and communication with other programmers and stakeholders is also a key aspect of good programming. This includes working together to solve problems, discussing project requirements, and providing updates on progress. Lastly, good programming involves continuously learning and staying updated on new technologies, programming languages, and best practices to improve skills and stay relevant in the constantly evolving field of technology.