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Dissertation research topics for International Business students

1. The impact of globalization on international business strategy: A case study of multinational companies in emerging markets. 2. Cross-cultural management strategies for successful international business operations. 3. The role of cultural intelligence in promoting international business partnerships. 4. The effects of Brexit on international trade and the global economy. 5. Analyzing the implementation of sustainable business practices in multinational corporations. 6. Exploring the use of digital marketing in expanding international market reach. 7. An assessment of international business negotiations: A comparison of Western and Eastern cultures. 8. The influence of political instability on international business operations in developing countries. 9. Investigating the role of foreign direct investment in promoting economic growth in emerging markets. 10. The challenges and opportunities of conducting business in emerging markets: A case study of China. 11. An analysis of the impact of trade agreements on international business strategies. 12. Examining the role of corporate social responsibility in shaping international business practices. 13. The influence of free market policies on international business development: A comparative study of developed and developing countries. 14. An evaluation of the success factors for international joint ventures. 15. Exploring the role of emerging technologies in driving international business innovation.