Artificial Intelligence
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md php Laravel on p10 View Laravel on 官方文档翻译 Laravel 基础 - 开始 - 安装 Laravel 高级 - Artisan 控制台 View 留学机构.md Relocation Relocation is a process in which an individual or a company is moved from one place to another. Companies may use relocation assistance for many different reasons, including the opening of new branches, taking part in cultural exchange programs, or the individual talent of an employee. As for individuals or families, they may choose relocation to improve their standard of living, access better education and health care, or discover more job opportunities. Reasons for Companies to Relocate 1. Opening new branches View content 1 Introduction 1 1.1 MongoDB简介 1.2 一些概念和名词 2 数据库 2.1 创建一个数据库 2.2 删除数据库 2.3 选择数据库 2.4 显示数据库 2.5 删除当前数据库 2.6 运行命令 2.7 MongoDB创建集合 2.8 查看mongodb中的所有数据库 2.9 切换当前数据库到test数据库 2.10 删除数据库 2.11 退出 View Laravel 创建数据表 我们在 Laravel 中创建新的数据表可以通过两种方式:通过迁移工具或者通过 Artisan 命令。