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Describe an example of a time you felt proud of your work with a client.

One time, I had been working with a client who was struggling with severe anxiety and low self-esteem. They had been through a traumatic experience in their past and it was causing them a lot of distress in their daily life. Over the course of our sessions, we worked on various coping strategies and techniques to manage their anxiety and build their self-confidence. We also addressed the underlying trauma through therapy. After several months of working together, my client suddenly had a breakthrough. They told me that they were able to confront one of their triggers and remain calm and composed. They also shared that they had enrolled in a new course at a community college, something they had been too anxious to do before. I could see the pride and happiness in my client's eyes as they shared this with me. It was a major turning point for them and it made me incredibly proud. Seeing how much progress my client had made and how they were able to overcome their fears and take positive steps towards their goals was a great reminder of why I do this work. The client continued to make progress and eventually was able to move on from their trauma and live a fulfilling life. It was a humbling and proud moment for me to have played a role in their journey towards healing and growth.