Artificial Intelligence
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define a constraints led approach to teaching and learning

A constraints led approach to teaching and learning is one which puts emphasis on the limits of the subject material being explored and played with. This approach encourages learners to create a pathway for learning by finding a way to work within the boundaries set by the constraints and discover creative solutions. The constraints can be either physical or mental and a teacher can provide parameters to explore in a variety of ways. For example, if the learners were to work on a problem solving task, the teacher could provide a range of tools or a certain number of resources to use, guiding them to work on it collaboratively or take turns. By providing the learners with constraints, the teacher can establish a safe environment for learning while challenging them to be creative and find solutions within the limits. This type of teaching aims at sparking curiosity, allowing learners to hone their problem-solving skills and build up a deeper understanding of the topic.

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