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has changed and this is the 1st website Re: SHA512 ShortURL K8guc Would it work Filename: Size: 25.3 MB MD5: a4a76c3e9c20f487f2badc4e4edc98f3 SHA1: 510664ee167318349be5159e6cf8b88c581cae2a SHA256: d7ba59dd5803701f7dad83c509481943359ff28b48b2ac26e9ba SHA512: 5d550271f837bfed9594c4e26bb84157bb94cb010e03b513387d4d4d40d78fe826db2b77d9758ef7fbee8b62071cdbd5c1830e8374a1d6e4ef4a0f2d556bcf1f Copyright ® 2020 K8GUC - Made by For online3gi0w2bru7am33vmgexmfjuhohm57slh3 Re: SHA512 ShortURL Thanks anon, I used to have an account for one of the old LongURL sites and it generated both short and long URL's so I got a Bourne shell alias and wrote a short script which is fast, very su