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can automatically display this on the page when it is found Some possible ways the link could be displayed on the page are: 1. As a clickable hyperlink: The link could be displayed as a clickable hyperlink, either embedded in text or as a separate button, making it easy for users to access and navigate to the destination website. Example: "Found a link to! Click here to visit." 2. In a pop-up or modal: When the link is found, a pop-up or modal could appear on the page, showing the URL of the link and giving users the option to visit the website by clicking on a button. Example: "We have found a link to Do you want to visit this website now?" 3. In a sidebar or widget: The found link could be displayed in a sidebar or widget on the page, along with other related links or information. Example: "Links found:" 4. As a search result: If the link finder is integrated with a search function, the found link could be displayed as a search result, along with other relevant information about the website. Example: "Search results for" 5. Mentioned in a notification or alert: The link could also be mentioned in a notification or alert that appears on the page, informing the user about the presence of the link and giving them the option to visit the website. Example: "A link to was found on this page. Click to visit the website."