Artificial Intelligence
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Create several Rules that every artist must meet to in order to ensure their art works is being sold at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Auctioneer funfair

: 1. All artwork must have been created within the past three years. 2. Every piece of art must meet certain criteria based on the vision and mission of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 3. All submitted artwork must be the original work of the artist. 4. Each artist must provide an artist statement as part of their submission. 5. No artwork will be accepted that makes use of animal skins, parts of endangered species, or other material banned by international laws. 6. All artwork must be submitted with detailed images and paperwork detailing the size, date of creation, and medium. 7. All artwork must be constructed using archival media and inks to ensure quality and longevity. 8. Artists must agree that a portion of any proceeds from the sale of their artwork goes to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 9. The artist must hold all copyrights for any submitted work. 10. Every completed artwork must be insured and shipped to the buyer at the artist's expense.

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