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Create an art work Auction sale put by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation giving artists opportunities of getting up to 70% profit for art works sold at the Foundation's Auctioneer

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is offering an Art Sale for artists who want to make a profit in their artwork. We will be auctioning off artwork pieces from all mediums from both accomplished and emerging artists. We understand that selling artwork can be difficult and that typically galleries and other outlets take between 70-50% in commission for artwork sold. By using this auction we can guarantee that artists will get 70% of the profits they make in selling their artwork. In order to get the full benefit of our auction it is important to understand the following points: 1. The artworks that you auction off are required to be original or limited edition pieces only. 2. All the artwork must have provenance, which is a clear ownership history that can be verified. 3. The artwork must be professionally presented and framed when needed 4. All artwork must be shipped directly to the Foundation and must comply with all laws and regulations 5. The Foundation will arrange and promote the auction online and maintain the records and payment illegally 6. Artists will keep 70% of the profit made for the artwork that they sell in this auction. We are looking forward to having you join us in this exciting endeavor!

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