Artificial Intelligence
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Children playing

freely in a playground is common; students learning outside is less so. At Mill Valley Middle School, some students are enjoying learning outside as part of their DRiT program, which incorporates data analysis, engineering, information literacy, and technology. The educational program pushes students to explore the design process, research, collaboration and technology… I’m really enjoying this book immensely. It is a scholarly work about popular culture. It’s a bit dense in parts, but very interesting and insightful. Most importantly, I like the perspective since it reiterates one that I have always believed: the masses are not stupid. Despite the sophistication of media manipulators, most of us know… I’m trying a new espresso machine today, an Elektra. Gorgeous and black, it produces a nice crema and very nice espresso. Life’s small pleasures. It also makes cappuccino, but I’m much more of an espresso guy. I tend to shy away from frothy milk, too. Not that I don’t appreciate a nice cappuccino, but this… An interesting post on BBC News about Aibo and robotic pet culture in Japan…the question is, walking your dog or playing with your pet is one thing, but how much of a relationship do we actually have… Link: News – Real relationships with robots?. Some interesting observations from Joel Spolsky upon his return from a week long trip to India… Slashdot | Things I Learned from Working in India. Today Anne and I attended our second interactive movie at the Fine Arts Theater, consisting of a semi-free showing of Spiderman 2, the usual admission charge and popcorn, free coffee and sodas, as well as a discussion of movie technology afterwards. While it was a bit more chaotic than the Koshtos/Darth Vadar/Bighead Movies series, it…