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cherish videos

About 4 hours ago lightning struck our house and sent a jolt through the wall plugging in a router to charge it. It fried the router, and could have seriously started a fire. Thankfully no one was hurt and our house is safe. It’s moments like these that remind me to cherish the little things in life, because you never know when they might be taken away. The video starts with a shot of the fried router and the hole in the wall where the lightning struck. The camera then pans to show the shocked and relieved expressions of the family members. Voiceover: "Today has been a scary reminder to cherish the little things in life. We were all just going about our day when suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck our house." The camera zooms in to show the fried router and the charred outlet. Voiceover: "It sent a jolt through the wall and fried our router. It could have caused a serious fire, but thankfully, we were all safe." The camera then shows the family huddled together, grateful to be unharmed. Voiceover: "It's moments like these that make us appreciate the simple things in life. Our home, our family, our safety. We often take these things for granted, but in an instant, they can be taken away." The video ends with a shot of the family holding hands and a message that reads "Cherish the little things, for they may be the most important."