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Can you come up with a poem on Corruption?

Corruption soaring high, Ruling power slowly die, No one seems to care, The people seem unaware, Betrayal of trust begin, When their nature starts to sin, The government uses its might, Making them weaker in the fight. Hollow promises they make, Integrity they take, Injustice and inequity begin, Making the lives of innocent dim. Corruptions new shape, Exploits and manipulates, Seeing through the eyes of truth, Lets cleanse the world from this loot. Update (2023-11-07): Corruption festers like a wound Its evil hips spreads across the land From the highest to the lowest scoundrels It takes its toll, they cannot stand. The shadows of corruption obscure The people's lives and dreams, Its darkness blocking the sunlight With the loss of freedom it deems. With illusions of power, the sharks swim From politicians to bureaucrats With bribes in their coffers, they play And tend to their lofty goals and stats. In the hearts of the people, despair As the corruption strangles their destiny The swindled amounts slowly clocking The good is stolen away, so easily. In the cure for corruption, we must all partake From the highest to the lowest of the scale Till the infection of corruption is banished away And all can celebrate a fresh, new tale. Update (2023-11-07): Clinging on with its sullying grip, Corruption taints every aspect of life, It weakens the foundation of our ship, As it gains strength with each passing strife. Eroding foundations to their core, It shunts success with each stride, Sacrificing control never before, As our lives slowly subside. It looks for a void to fill, Leaving vast chasms in its wake, Often going unnoticed until, It's too late, choices alas too late. Instabilities and fear now fill the air, Success decisions have been sullied, It's now that we must fight and be aware, For corruption is not unhinged, that's wilfully. Update (2023-11-08): Corruption on the rise Wreaking havoc with its goes Without constraints it grows Enemies of the state it will pick Families and friends in a mess it will stick Powerful billionaires cling to its side Influencers never on its own abide Leaving the powerless in vulnerable states Bantered and battered they remain in debates Elevated to the levels so high Daily making decisions but lacking insight why Respect for justice seems to be swayed With greed and corruption the light it will spray Addressing this problem will take more than try For only then we can truly hope to be sigh.