Artificial Intelligence
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Caliee Rae

and Angie Rae Active Caliee Rae Model Angie Rae Model under construction working on things Fingers crossed Writing By: Ethan Sabay EFMENTADO EPILOGY LIFE IS COMPLICATED I'VE LEARNED TO STOP TRYING TO MAKE ALL THE SECRET POTIONS THE ONLY THING I NEED TO DO KEEP MOVING FORWARD WATER IS LIFE FIND YOUR FLOW AND WITH EVERY BREATH LET ITS PURPOSE BE KNOWN EPILOGY PINK MATTER BLURR the lines between censorship Smother the lines between scare tactics Temperatures are rising. Spicesalts and Tahini are swirled Premeditating shit... in a ornate robe collecting her sweet nectar and knows her worth the deep things she knows she deserves the temporal of this world of us knowledging but abounding sense of peace, let's all mask up and re-enter the streets when tomorrow wakes up there on our shore, shuttered, and selfishness accelerates an in your face of rhetoric with no result of peace of no sleep to count-- nothing left of ourselves ask ourselves why are we alive no wealth will save us now theres no time or soul to juxtapose are we owned by society demands surfin is SPOTIFY with a seared mahi, words wheel spinning high enough to see-- just to keep hunting every wild flower not letting the air permeate our souls in its quest for forgiveness unseen with black birds the divide the cleft-cistern facing the sound of living dyeing nothing is forgotten, not until dark values lose. promises are a fraud Lately, we are engineers of manipulating lust factor razor-blade torn jeans, filthy Vhs tapes we let the blood seep and romance slip while the world is in its own version of war--- we are quite reactionary in our extremities forgiveness is so foreign in our daily ritualistic religious cults the own self rebel of slaves forces are now old dusty neon_souls that must return to cleaning thy pores Super Wax galaxies and white tees, girl lemme pour myself, into touching-red, sun doused pain repeating hit making, we twist it up. free as a kite, I launch intentions real transparency, running into the night and cursing an old friend, passing you and me----Unification It's as Though saying I'd be lying for eternity, Seeing is believing and Believing in what we cannot see.... > from there thoiless the theft of 21st Century millennia, Theirs to request of Erich Fromm "a revolution we fuse, and freedom, on cows"' early morning let the cirrocumulus erodes to reveal the earth wearing shadowy emerald tones see the beauty of what life is worth witness the morning white heron lift off to flight fiercely furrowed wings Her hair, hands out in reach towards the sky like receiving glass of milk from her valley her ladle balled hand grasping, after the sun has passed.. after there are new day startings, the day will pass still just learning Halleloo! Possession- her feet hit the earth with an almost silent thud. Models: Felicia Mask Superfly Codeine It’s violet Blue, my reason for walking in the sun and moon descending every breath tying, casting coincidental thoughts compelling company my view of the night, vicariously tees I consume and follow, Visions break as eyes mesmerize the dark under iconic harbor confusion always longing to longingly negotiate dreams… after she had been high enough to wake urevealed frame ending I'm in an immense heavenly time on the ground on a spring day what kind of girl could you save on this simple day-- a struggle in this time of Lockdown Love with deeply embedded peace of my soul (near limitless) inexorably counts… Stranger nights have filled nights to see endless dreams are they the remnants of what bodies soul mates in attitudes