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to lead by example Avalon Consulting Management Team Spread the Word Listed Under Tags: • Corporate • Client • Quality • Effective • Effective Guidance Industry: • Business Location: • Atlanta - Georgia - US June 6, 2011 PRLog End -- Quality Consulting Company Avalon Consulting has spoken of its inspiration as it aims to become the leader in their industry. Avalon Consulting believe the use of values such as honesty and hard work was the key to success.Technology and consulting firms have dominated much of the world for many years now and as competition for business remains high it is imperative that firms such as Avalon Consulting used a unique workplace culture to have an advantage over rivals. Avalon Consulting focuses to always err on the side of quality over quantity, which explains why they develop relationships with both clients and their customer’s one person at a time. “Our techniques keep excellence up and overhead low so we can exceed even the loftiest goals," states Anthony Conyers, Managing Director of Avalon Consulting.As the pathway to client satisfaction is paved with relationships, Avalon Consulting believes its culture is the inspiration they need to produce quality in business consulting. This motivation is also extended to clients who benefit from the technical expertise and quality assurance of each and every Avalon employee. "A company that values its employees and clients, their time, their resources, and returns a profit in the process greatly reflects the personal values of our employees, as we encourage a work-life balance, and giving back to the community," Tony Conyers shares, when asked on the source of inspiration to be an industry thought leader."We're inspired by our own values, which starts with every company representative wanting to do what is right for customers and clients alike. It helps us break through stereotypes that competitors might embody, and drive a workforce to desire the best way to get things done." As Avalon Consulting’s core values revolve around its employees, clients, and customers as true testimonials. "In the basic pursuit of service, we're empowered to be the best every time we walk into an industry, and our growing size and greater networks have shown we’re doing just that."Visit to learn why Avalon Consulting is becoming the first-stop destination for aspiring top companies wants consulting assistance in project management and operational excellence.# # #It's a company that values employees and clients, their time, their resources and gives back to the community. On our pursuit of service, we're empowered to be the best every time we walk into an industry And Avalon Consulting growing size and greater networks. It reflects we’re doing just that. Competitors can talk about their excellence but we DO it. Our industry is fast-paced and shows no mercy for slow-movers we give hands-on training and offer a merit-based service where opportunity to be successful in this world is open for all who seek it in our growing company. By thinking " outside the box and looking within" we apply effective guidance in consulting techniques to management training and technological innovations for a multitude of industries. We embark on innovation for programming which in turn will include voices that are to be heard for a long time to come. 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