Artificial Intelligence
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As an International Business with data analytics student What aspects of the MBA program made you decide that the program at the McCallum Graduate School was the right one for you?

1. Specialization in Data Analytics: Being an international business student, I was looking for an MBA program that would allow me to hone my skills in data analytics as it is a crucial aspect of today's business world. The McCallum Graduate School offers a specialized track in data analytics, which aligns with my career goals and interests. 2. Practical Learning: The MBA program at McCallum Graduate School focuses on hands-on learning through real-world projects, case studies, and internships. This approach appealed to me as it offers a practical understanding of business concepts and prepares students for the challenges of the business world. 3. Experienced Faculty: The faculty at McCallum Graduate School is highly experienced and has a diverse background in various industries. Their expertise and knowledge will provide me with a well-rounded learning experience and help me develop a global perspective. 4. Small Class Size: The small class size at McCallum Graduate School allows for a more personalized learning experience, and students can interact closely with their professors and peers. This will help me develop strong relationships and networks that will benefit me in my future career. 5. Global Perspective: Being an international student, I wanted to join a program that would expose me to diverse cultures and perspectives. The McCallum Graduate School has a diverse student body and offers opportunities for international internships and study abroad programs, which will provide me with a global perspective. 6. Career Resources and Support: The McCallum Graduate School offers a comprehensive career services program that provides students with resources, tools, and support to help them achieve their career goals. This was an essential factor for me as I want to make the most of my MBA and have a successful career path. 7. Reputation and Accreditation: The McCallum Graduate School is accredited by AACSB, which is considered the gold standard in business school accreditation. This accreditation ensures high-quality education and adds value to my degree. Additionally, the school has a strong reputation for producing successful alumni, which is reassuring for my future career prospects.