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Answer this question in 1000 words for 10 marks with an Introduction, Main answer and conslusion. The question is: Assume you are a sales manager. You will be opening a new branch for which you intend to promote one of the existing salespersons as

Introduction: As a sales manager, I am always on the lookout for the perfect candidates for various leadership positions in my organization. This time, I am looking for a branch sales manager to fill the vacant position in my new branch. A branch sales manager would be responsible for the growth of all the sales operations of the branch and for managing a team that will report to them. This person should possess the right skill set and attitude to take up the challenging task of managing the sales operations and growing the branch. Main Answer: The criteria for determining the right candidate for the sales manager would be based on a few key qualities and traits. Primarily, I would look for the person’s Sales Professionalism from the past. This would include their sales process, how successful they have been in achieving the desired results, what kind of relationships they have developed with the customers and how they have been able to position the company’s products and services. Additionally, I would focus on their problem solving and analytical skills. This is of utmost importance for a sales manager as they should be able to both understand the requirements of the customer and also identify potential sales opportunities. A sales manager should have a good eye for detail and be able to come up with prim and proper solutions to sales issues and problems. Besides the qualities related to work performance, I would be keen to assess the social competency of the salesperson. It is essential for a sales manager to have good networking and interpersonal skills. This would enable him/her to work and negotiate effectively with customers, vendors, and colleagues alike. Also, the candidate should possess good leadership skills in order to lead the team confidently towards the achievement of goals and objectives. This includes the ability to delegate tasks among the team, motivate the members and bring out the best in everyone. Furthermore, the ideal candidate should have a good attitude while dealing with customers and should be able to handle difficult customer situations in a professional manner. It is essential for the candidate to possess good communication skills and be well-versed in the company’s policies and procedures. This would help in fostering good customer relationships and building trust with them. Conclusion: In conclusion, I strongly believe that the right candidate for the position of branch sales manager should have a combination of all the traits highlighted here. These qualities would help the candidate to excel in the managerial position and work towards achieving the goals of the branch. It is important to assess these qualities and put a suitable candidate in this position in order to ensure optimal performance of the branch.

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