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: In the VATSIM (Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network), members will be provided with training about flying on a flight simulator, as well as acting as an Air Traffic Controller (ATC). The network is designed to simulate real-world aviation procedures and provides a fun and educational environment for members to hone their skills. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned flight simulator enthusiast, VATSIM has something for everyone. Here are some of the top wodemo sites on the network: 1. This is the main website of the VATSIM network where you can find information about the network, how to join, and resources for both pilots and ATC controllers. 2. This is the official forum of VATSIM where members can discuss all things related to the network, ask for help, and share their experiences. 3. This website provides an interactive map of all the flights and ATC controllers currently online on the VATSIM network. It also includes information about air traffic control sectors and airports. 4. Similar to, this site also provides a live map of flights and ATC controllers. It also includes additional features such as weather information and flight planning tools. 5. This site offers a variety of tools and resources for both pilots and ATC controllers, including VATSIM tutorials, flight planning tools, and a virtual flight tracker. 6. This website is used for booking virtual flights and creating virtual airlines on the VATSIM network. Members can create and manage their own virtual airlines and book flights to be operated by themselves or other members. 7. This site offers a variety of online events and challenges for VATSIM members to participate in. Members can join in on group flights, air traffic control events, and other fun activities. 8. This website provides statistics on the VATSIM network, including the number of active flights and ATC controllers, popular airports and routes, and overall network activity. 9. This site offers a flight tracking tool specifically designed for the VATSIM network. Members can track their own flights or view flights of other members in real-time. 10. This is the official website of the VATSIM United States division, providing resources and information specifically for members flying in the United States.