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Nathan Burkett is constantly intrigued by the way the landscape shapes us, giving us an intangible sense of place and belonging. This curiosity has drawn Nathan to an occupation he’s incredibly passionate about. That of a landscape architecture whose focus is on the design and construction of bespoke landscapes that engage and play with the surrounding environment. ... Update (2024-07-08): Initial reading At the start of the story, the narrator, a six-year-old girl named Ada Smith, lives with her mother and aunt in a small house in a poor mining town. She has never been to school and her mother is ashamed of her because she was born with a clubfoot, which her mother calls a "cursed deformity." Ada's mother is also physically and emotionally abusive towards her, frequently locking her in a small dark room as punishment for any perceived disobedience. However, when World War II breaks out, Ada's life takes a dramatic turn. In order to protect her daughter, Ada's mother sends her with her younger brother Jamie to live in the countryside with a woman named Susan Smith, who turns out to be their biological mother. At first, Ada struggles to adjust to her new life. She is malnourished, uneducated, and has no experience with kindness or love. However, as she begins to explore the beautiful countryside and learn about horses, she starts to blossom. With the help of Susan and a local woman named Miss Smith, Ada learns to read and write, and eventually learns to ride a horse named Butter. As the war rages on, Ada's mother and brother are evacuated from London and come to live with her and Susan in the countryside. Ada's mother is still emotionally abusive, but Ada has grown strong enough to stand up to her and protect her brother. As the war ends and the family is reunited, Ada realizes that she no longer fears her mother and is determined to never go back to her old life. Key themes The main themes in "The War That Saved My Life" include: 1. Overcoming adversity: Ada faces many challenges in her life, from her physical disability to her abusive mother. However, she ultimately learns to overcome these obstacles and find strength within herself. 2. The power of love and kindness: Through her relationships with Susan and Miss Smith, Ada learns about love and kindness for the first time. Their compassion and care help her heal and find happiness. 3. The effects of war on children: The book portrays the devastating impact that war can have on children, both physically and emotionally, as well as the resilience and strength they can possess in the face of adversity. 4. Breaking through societal expectations: Despite being born with a clubfoot and facing many hardships, Ada is able to break through societal expectations and limitations placed on her, proving that she is capable of achieving great things. 5. Family and belonging: Ada's journey towards finding her true family and a sense of belonging is a major theme in the book. She learns that family does not have to be related by blood and that true love and belonging can be found with the people who care for and support her. Overall, "The War That Saved My Life" is a story about courage, resilience, and the power of love to overcome even the most challenging circumstances.