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Act like a 4 year old

1. Be curious and ask lots of questions. 4-year-olds are naturally curious and love to learn about the world around them. 2. Be imaginative and create your own stories. Pretend play is a big part of a 4-year-old's life, so let your imagination run wild. 3. Express your emotions openly. 4-year-olds are still learning how to deal with big emotions, so don't hold back your feelings. 4. Make friends easily. 4-year-olds are friendly and open to making new friends, so be confident and outgoing. 5. Have a sense of wonder and awe. Everything is amazing and new to a 4-year-old, so appreciate the little things in life. 6. Be silly and laugh at funny things. 4-year-olds have a great sense of humor and love to laugh and make others laugh. 7. Play games and be active. 4-year-olds have tons of energy and love to run, jump, and play. Embrace your playful side. 8. Sing and dance to your favorite songs. 4-year-olds love to dance and sing, so let loose and have a dance party. 9. Be honest and speak your mind. 4-year-olds are still learning about social norms, so express yourself freely and honestly. 10. Cuddle and give hugs. 4-year-olds love to show affection and aren't afraid to give hugs and cuddles to their loved ones.