Artificial Intelligence
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about rebuilding the world economy and interlinking the production across the country

. Rebuilding the world economy requires both comprehensive economic strategies and public-private partnerships. Governments, businesses, and citizens must work together to promote economic growth and stability. One practical step to help interlink production across the country is to expand and develop the digital infrastructure that facilitates the movement of goods and services. Governments should invest in digital infrastructure such as high-speed networks, web/cloud-based systems, and mobile technologies to help enable the flow of data, goods, and services. To facilitate international trade and investment, government-to-government agreements should be made to reduce trading barriers and create mutually beneficial economic expansion. Governments should also look to international organizations, such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, to provide guidance and support on international economic issues and ensure global stability. Businesses, meanwhile, should take advantage of technological advances to move production closer to where customers are located. This will help them increase efficiency and create more value for their customers. At the same time, businesses should collaborate with each other to increase supplies and drive cost savings, while also leveraging public-private partnerships to access resources and new technologies. Lastly, consumers should use their purchasing power to support local production and workers, as well as products that are made with sustainable production methods— such as those that use recycled materials and minimize emissions and waste. This will help encourage a more sustainable economic future.